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- Artur Stępień,



-images 1 and 2, Kurt Kladler, PhD, of Charim Galerie, reproduced with permission


Man To Man

- the Auschwitz doghouse plan is copyright Memorial and Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau, reproduced with permission,

- the 9th Sharjah Biennial guidebook and the Provisions catalog are copyright 9th Sharjah Biennial team, reproduced with permission.


Man To Man / installation shots & installation movie

- images 1,2,4 are copyright 9th Sharjah Biennial and Issa Freij, reproduced with permission.

- Image 3 is copyright 9th Sharjah Biennial and A.Rubio, reproduced with permission.

- The installation movie is copyright Agnes Janich, the 9th Sharjah Biennial team and Issa Freij, reproduced with permission.



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My heartfelt thanks to all the people without whom these projects would not come to life:

  • Gulsen Bal, PhD
  • Zbigniew Belowski, Director of the MCCA Elektrownia
  • Krzysztof Cieslik
  • Marc Dahinden of Landbote
  • Anna Dembowska, Vice-Director of the Polish Cultural Institute in Moscow
  • Katarzyna Drozd of the Polish Embassy in Helsinki
  • Jan Jagielski of The Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw
  • Jan Janich
  • Anna & Jan Jeziorscy
  • Malgorzata Grudzinska, Marianna Ossolinska, Barbara Schmidt and the whole team of the Polish Institute Vienna
  • Roman Gutek
  • Adam Klimczak & Ewelina Chmielewska of the Wschodnia Gallery and Fokus Lodz Biennial
  • Michal Leja
  • Dr. Michael Lenarz of The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main
  • Hanno Loewy of the Jewish Museum, Hohenems
  • Natasza Lysiak
  • Tomasz Majewski
  • Pawel Duma
  • Maja von Meiss of Galerie Wyschuer Weierthal
  • Elin and Sjur Nedreas, Owners of Galleri s.e., Bergen
  • Thyrza-Nichols Goodeve, PhD
  • Isabel Carlos, Jack Persekian & the whole 9th Sharjah Biennial team
  • Consul Marek Pernal of the Polish Consulate General in Barcelona
  • Wojciech Plosa of The Memorial and Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Marek Radziwon, Director of the Polish Cultural Institute in Moscow
  • Annelise Schmid of the Villa Straeuli
  • G.Religa of The State Musuem of Majdanek
  • Lyle Rexer
  • Prof Joanna Tokarska-Bakir
  • Caroline Waddell of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • Johan de Vos
  • Sabine Vogel
  • Maria Wojdan
  • Maja Wojdan
  • Wojciech Zrodlak and Konrad Czernielewski of The Museum of Memory in Radogoszcz, Lodz
  • Matthew Fallon
  • Elizabeth Reidy
  • Kasia Balbi
  • Renata & Janek Bernard
  • Basia Licha
  • Jurek Maciejewski
  • Pawel Potoroczyn, Director of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
  • Lucyna Szura, Executive Editor,
  • Kasia Sagatowska of the Refleksy Gallery
  • Walter Keller of Galerie Walter Keller, Zurich
  • Joseph Skrzynski of Champ Equity
  • Christian Egger of Galerie C, Neuchatel


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