Agnes Janich

Review 1

Desired artwork,
Nils Olav Saeveras,

Lust and sin in various forms explored in a show at Bergen Kunstmuseum Stenersen, titled Desire.

-At first we had the title "Desire and Sin", but we ended up with "Desire". Nevertheless, the issue of what becomes of lust, followed, says Eli Okkenhaug, the curator of the exhibition at the Bergen Art Museum.

Composed of over 30 artists, both Norwegian and foreign, the exhibit includes photography, video, drawing and painting.
- I have found works that fit the theme through an exploration of the artists' own websites. Many artists are concerned with issues of desire, identity and objectification. It would not have been a problem to find twice as many artists who would fit in, says Eli Okkenhaug.

- The body has been objectified in both paintings and sculptures throughout Art History. There have been nude female and male art objects, but a shocking majority of them focused on women. Alex Brew did an exciting work, a photo shoot specifically for male nude models. Still, now she says she could have gone further, says the curator.

Today, children also are exposed to objectification.

- We see this for example in beauty pageants for children. The artist Tina Winkhaus in her project focuses on the children not trained for such a competition, and the training that goes with such contests.

Curator Eli Okkenhaug informed us that she has steered away from the most challenging art.
- I do not want it what comes near to porn aesthetic. I wanted art that many could feel and see, says the curator.

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