Agnes Janich

Review 3

Galerie Charim – Agnes Janich – Man to Man
in: At The Galleries Oct. 2009s
Vienna Review
Oct 2009

Galerie Charim can be found on the first floor of an old palace in the Dorotheergasse, once reputedly a center of freemasonry. Upon walking into the high ceilinged reception area, the ears are assaulted by the sound of barking dogs, making the heart beat faster – until, that is, reason kicks in. All that can be found in the first, brightly lit room are square bars of soap – 21 pieces bearing the name of the artist: Agnes Janich, born in Lodz in 1985, while the remaining 76 bars bear the carved names of her friends.

The barking sounds come from behind the black curtain in the adjacent room and become more menacing as one approaches. Ferocious fangs, vicious snarls and wild wagging tails greet those who dare enter the black labyrinth. Thankfully, the dogs are barred by fences and are merely projected onto video screens. Their bark is indeed worse than their bite.

In the last and largest of the rooms, with windows overlooking the Jewish Museum, are photographs from Auschwitz of a boy with his arm raised in Hitler salute, a Wehrmacht officer with his children and piles of limbs that assault the eye.

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