Agnes Janich

Review 4

An erotic performance of Agnes Janich in Radom,
Day's Echo
Oct 12th 2012
Barbara Kos

Those who expected perversity were disappointed to find art.

The many who who expected perversity during the opening and performance in the Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art Elektrownia in Radom at 5, Domagalskiego St. Instead of eroticism they got love, or self-admiration, to be exact.

Before Agnes Janich's audience visited the Body Memory exhibition, they could see the Annoying Flower performance.

The scantily clad artist was covering her body - legs, thighs, neckline, back and neck. Her assistant covered the wall with a Polish translation of the phrases, which included: you're real, you're wise, you're beautiful, you're dignified, since I met you, I was only attracted to women who looked like you.

After about 20 minutes, the artist thanked the audience for watching and invited them to see the Body Memory show.

Film screens were turned on. The artist, starring in the films, hurt herself by pointing a knife at her feet or inducing vomiting. Pictures on show presented situations of the same genre. Another featured project included erotic imagery confronted with love stories from the time of WW2, contrasting Love's pain to pain in times of War.

The opening was concluded by a well-attended panel Who is the victim here-the weak woman or the strong man? Is the perpetrator really privileged? with Agnes Janich, Monika Weychert-Waluszko (TVP Kultura, Art&Business) and Marta Raczek, PhD (Jagiellonian University).

The 27-year old, Lodz-born, New York-based artist, works on body memory and memory of history in her installations, films, pictures, performances, sculptures and public art.

She has exhibited on numerous continents and received many grants in the US, Italy, Austria, Spain and Switzerland. She has shown the 9th Sharjah Biennial, Zacheta, National Gallery of Art, Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna, MLAC in Rome and the Auschwitz Jewish Center, an affiliate of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York and MOCAK, Krakow.

We can not remain provincial, can we?

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