Agnes Janich

Review 9

What's cooking in Elektrownia?
What a day,
Dorota Trojanowska,
Oct 9th, 2012

MCCA Elektrownia has been busy presenting national and international artists for a few years now. The upcoming season sounds promising too. As usual, the Jerzy Busza Festival of Art and the Winter Film Program Koksownik won't disappoint.

This coming Friday, Oct 12th, we will see Body Memory, a solo show of Agnes Janich. Aside 3 photo and film projects, the artist will present a performance, Annoying Flower. A panel titled Who is the victim here-the weak woman or the strong man? Is the perpetrator really privileged? with Agnes Janich, Monika Weychert-Waluszko (TVP Kultura, Art&Business) and Marta Raczek, PhD (Jagiellonian University) will follow.

"Agnes Janich is a very young and dynamic artist living in New York and Warsaw. She comes from a diplomatic family to which she owes being a citizen of the world. The artist was born in Lodz, in the former Lodz ghetto. She is open about her Jewish roots. They influence her works. The show, Body Memory, deals with two topics central for her art, love and the body as well as memory of history and WW2", says Zbigniew Belowski, vice-director of the MCCA Elektrownia.

Right after Agnes Janich's performance, the MCCA will host a Lech Stangret book promotion. Zbigniew Gostomski. Ad rem will be launched at the Foksal Gallery. Publishing books to accompany every show has become Elektrownia's trademark.

"The book is a catalogue raisonne of the artist's oeuvre, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Along with it, we will launch The Creation of the World, a joint project of Andrzej and Karol Mitan inspired by the artist", informs Belowski.

Also this year, we will see Geomterical Discourse, a show of prof.Wladyslaw Luczaj, opening Nov 16th. "The artist is a Professor at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. He deals with geometry. The exhibition will be accompanied by a city-wide action with the artist engaging with the audience to produce new works", says the vice-director of the MCCA.

In December, Elektrownia presents two festivals: the Jerzy Busza Festival of Art and the Winter Film Program Koksownik. "Around Dec 13th we will do the 6th Winter Film Program Koksownik. We hope to do it  for the last time in our temporary venue. We plan it as one of Radom's leading cultural events of the future, devoted to photography and philosophy of art. This year we are publishing a book summing up 5 years of its existence. We plan to show photographs from the CCA Zamek in Warsaw.", says Zbigniew Belowski.

"Next year, the MCCA, we will operate until May and move to our new premises. We plan a grand opening in autumn 2013, presenting the space to the Radom audience before we commence exhibition activities there."

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