Agnes Janich

Review 10

Agnes Janich's Body Memory
Karolina Stasiak
Gazeta Wyborcza, Radom,
12th Oct 2012

This Friday, the MCCA Elektrownia will open the multimedia show Body Memory, a solo exhibition of the visual artist, Agnes Janich.

Body Memory is comprised of films and photographs from three cycles: I Hate My Body When You're Gone, Is a Whole More Than a Sum of Parts, That You Have Someone.

The first series is a pondering on self-destruction, fear of loneliness and the perverse fulfillment coming drawn from self-hurt. The second is an exploration of wounds inflicted by Other's quotes on oneself. The last one is, according to the hosts, made of erotic imagery combined with texts on Love in times of War.

The artist will show another project, a performance, during the opening, today at 6pm at the MCCA, 5, Domagalskiego St. A panel titled with Agnes Janich, Monika Weychert-Waluszko (TVP Kultura, Art&Business) and Marta Raczek, PhD (Jagiellonian University) will also take place. Ladies present will try to answer the question: who is the victim here, the weak woman or the strong man, and is the perpetrator's post really such a good one. Admission free.

Agnes Janich was born in Lodz in 1985 and lives and works in Warsaw and New York. She graduated from Photography in the School of Visual Arts. She is a visual artist. Her works have been shown on various continents. She was awarded numerous grants and artist's residencies in the US, Italy, Austria, Spain and Switzerland, among others.

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