Agnes Janich

Review 11

Agnes Janich: Body Memory
Summerhall TV
Nov 23rd 2012

Agnes Janich introduces her recent book ‘Body Memory’ before giving a presentation on her work at the Fruitmarket Gallery.

"I'm doing an Artist's Talk about a book that I just published. The main two topics are violence and memory, so the memory of the body and the memory of history and the common, unifying theme, I think, is dealing with violence.

It's all autobiographical, so I somehow work on historical traumas through a personal perspective. The history of the Second World War, the concentration camps and the Shoah has been a family history and a family history in the family of my ex-boyfriend, so it was something that I as a Polish person needed to work on.

The next topic I tackled was love and the body. I guess that's something pretty universal we all have to deal with. This particular project, I Hate My Body When You're Gone, is an acting-out of emotional violence that goes on in a Love relationship. I was documenting different things I did to myself after breaking up with someone. It's a film and photo project that deals with self-mutilation as a reaction to indirect emotional violence but also, what I'm told by art critics and what perhaps in true, that it might somehow be an aftermath of the works I did on the concentration camps which were far more political and also dealing with violence. So it's a getting rid of the violence and coming back to life.

Thank you.

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