Agnes Janich

Review 3

Bad girls? Bad girls!
Almuth Spiegler
Die Presse
May 20th 2010
In the back of the head one can't help having the recent Austrian evening TV series. As you might have heard in a reality show a few days ago, a few young girls from Graz toast love-repellants! St Polten Facebook acquaintances liked the quote, of course, and everybody was surprised that the quoted teens still live - and practice, for that matter - in their parental homes...
Are these the these the riot Grrrrls of today? Posing pseudofeminist, shallow, circulating between one
Party-reality-soap show about teenage mothers to the next? Depressing.

But who can say already that it can still be as simple as in the 60s and 70s to find a clear feminist position? Even, or especially, in the arts.

No more bad girls? asks an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Exnergasse. On show are sophisticated artists dealing today with female role models.

Topics range from breast cancer or cultural differences to the Chinese Mosuo Matriarchy and a sad parody: Elodie Pong lolling in a panda costume at a pole. But what still captivates is the already ten years old video of Ene-Liies Semper. One only see her head lying down. A male hand opens her mouth and shovels earth into it. Then puts a primrose plant ( in England a symbol of the conservatives ) and waters it.

Maybe girls should at least look back today, in which
words they can be put into the mouths of men. And in the next
narrow-minded reality-show they might lead.

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