Agnes Janich

Art shows, Gazeta Wyborcza

Art shows at the 10th Era New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw

Gazeta Wyborcza

July 6th 2010


Art has a long-standind presence at the festival. Era New Horizons invites artists to compliment its film programme with art events. This year in Wroclaw will be as rich as always.


Besides films by the stars of this year's retrospectives, one can see shows prepared by them as well. The Turkish director, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, will show a hidden face of Turkey in his collection of panoramic images. The Quay Brothers, together with the sculptor Olaf Brzeski, will open their Dormitory, a collection of backdrops for their animations, in BWA Design Gallery. They will also build a piece dedicated to Wojciech Jerzy Has in the BWA Awangarda Gallery.


The Has retrospective is also a reason for the Witold Liszkowski Petla - private art show in the Jatki. Krzyszotf Wodiczko will do a public projection. Agnes Janich, a young Polish artist living in New York, will present a peformance on the memory of Annihilation in the recently renovated White Stork Synagogue.


Katarzyna Zelaska, a Polish artist living in France, will present a cycle of paintings on how multimedia culture can influence painting. Andrzej Wajda will show his trophies in the House of the Golden Sun. Statys Eidregovicius will show a collection of film installations, some of which Daniel Szczechura used in his Dobranocka.


Agnes Janich: Till Death Do Us Part, courtyard by the White Stork Synagogue, 5 Wlodkowica Street, July 31st, 10pm ( in cooperation with the Bente Kahan Foundation )


Agnes Janich ( 1985, Lodz, lives and works in New York and Warsaw ) graduated with honors in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She works with topics - Dolls, Annihilation, Love and currently Family. She presented her work the 9th Sharjah Biennial ( the most ambitious work of the biennial ), in the Warsaw Zacheta, Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna, MLAC in Rome, the Auschwitz Jewish Center, affiliated with the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York and MOCAK Krakow. Till Death Do Us Part is to bring the synagogue back to the city in a symbolic way, 72 years after its destruction during Kristallnacht. The performance and sound installation came to life after visiting 19 concentration camps, meeting 80 survivors and reading 500 diaries. Till Death Do Us Part is a collection of stories of Love in the wake of the Annihilation.

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