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Roman Gutek's Feuilletons - New Horizons of Art

Gazeta Wyborcza

July 12th 2010


Art has a long-standing presence at our festival. I already wrote about music, but that's not all. This year for the second time we will house an international contest of films about art, complimented by the Third Eye cycle.


The contest will we waged between 12 features done by artists. I'ld like to draw your attention to La Danse. Ballet of the French Opera. by Frederick Wiseman. Ballet here is a treasure-trove with many wonders.


In Themerson and Themerson, Wiktoria Szymanska creates a portrait of the legendary artists of the avantgarde. Your Cities Will Dissapear Under Wild Grass by the British Sophie Fiennes is a hypnotizing film about Anselm Kiefer, a charismatic German artist who is, for a decade now, creating a total oeuvre, a crossover between installation, architecture and the Kabbalah. The French We don't Care About Music, Anyway we will see an overview of Japanese music of the XXIst century.


The Third Eye cycle brings us a retrospective of Mara Mattuschka, one of the leading figures of Austrian video art. Visually lustful and excentric films of hers touch on topics such as femininity, bodyness and sexuality. The same cycle will see a screening of Pipilotti Rist's, one the world's most famous film artists, Peppermint. The Polish Norman Leto's Sailor is one the most eccentric film productions of recent years. On the Partisan's Hill, Krzysztof Wodiczko will screen a public projection about Afghanistan and Iraqi veterans struggle to return to normalcy. One the festivals key events will be the opera of a Dutch composer and film director, Michel van der Aa, The Book of Angst, based of Fernando Pessoa's prose. This multimedia event will conjuge opera, film and electronic playing, with Klaus Maria Brandauer as the on-screen narrator.


The main stars of this years retrospectives will screen their installations also. Na Solnym gallery will present a cycle of pictures by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, presenting a hidden face of his country. The Quay Brothers, together with the sculptor Olaf Brzeski, will open their Dormitory, a collection of backdrops for their animations, in BWA Design Gallery. They will also build a piece dedicated to Wojciech Jerzy Has in the BWA Awangarda Gallery.


The Has retrospective is also a reason for the Witold Liszkowski Petla - private art show in the Jatki. Agnes Janich, a young Polish artist, will present a performance on Annihilation in the White Stork Synagogue. Katarzyna Zelaska will present a cycle of paintings on how multimedia culture can influence painting. Statys Eidregovicius will show a collection of film installations, some of which Daniel Szczechura used in his Dobranocka.

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