Agnes Janich

My Mom's Diary - essay excerpt

In her series of small format photographs, My Mom's Diary (2009), Agnes Janich refers back to the figure of the Polish mother as a pathetically occupied, projection screen for concepts of motherhood in the public sphere, rooted in national and religious ideologies. In her image commentaries, the artist thwarts the current neoconservative relapse of Eastern European societies into traditional role models and stages the relation of mother and daughter as a cross between fetish and rival; she achieves this by placing herself in the picture instead of the mother figure.


Claudia Marion Stemberger, Productive Risk: Ethnicity and Gender as Contingent Categories, in: No more bad girls? (exhbition catalogue), edited by Claudia Marion Stemberger and Kathrin Becker, Vienna, 2010, pp. 7-15, p. 11-12.

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