Agnes Janich

Review 2

Photocourrier ( Polish nationwide photography magazine ), vol.7/2005
Agnieszka Jeziorska [ now Agnes Janich ]-
- Dolls or Touching Bodyness

I took my first photograph by instinct, at 6, using a child’s toy-camera. Many years later I made photography, my main means of communication, into a subject of studies, an occupation and, above all, a passion. – writes Agnieszka Jeziorska

I learn by myself, gain knowledge from my tutors and attend the European Academy of Photography, Warsaw and the School of Visual Arts and New Media ( now under the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw ). Her work is a surrealist documentation of people and their doppelgangers – dolls and mannequins.

So far, she has shown her work in the new University Library and T-Art in Warsaw; she took part in most of the installations of the traveling Homeless Gallery ( eg. in Berlin ), numerous contests, such as People’s Faces 2003, the Worth It Art Fair and other initiatives promoting young artists.

Last year in November, the Closed Gallery in Warsaw hosted her show Touching Bodyness. Through images of dolls it touches on the artist’s exploration of possible contraries to the cliché of a woman-doll. It is the first from three series about women.

Taking into account the young age of Agnieszka Jeziorska, one wonders at the remarkably original take on feminist ideology and a talent in making it speak through photography. The meaning of the images is striking – 1-3 are the birth and upbringing of a woman, her journey to the world of men. When God created a man, he looked at his imperfections and realized – I can do better – thus creating the good and kind – the woman. Images 3-6: She now wants to be beautiful for her man, ease his labor, bear his children and nurture them.

This narrative doesn’t, of course, suit our Artist. In the second series she’ll exhibit, she touches on the woman as object. Here she uses the symbolic of surrealist mirror images of dolls and mannequins. The third is a comparison of women-dolls with their doll counterparts.

I present my work as black and white silver gelatin print. Right now I am considering using digital enlargements from scanned negatives. – writes Agnieszka.

Editor Julian Haponiuk
Photographs Agnieszka Jeziorska

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