Agnes Janich

Review 2

Pure pleasure
Joanna Tokarska-Bakir
Dwutygodnik, May 2010

A critic about Betlejewski and Janich - naive, too correct.

My verdict - it's no big deal to be right. Being right is so pleasurable it's kitsch. Dissonance and not reality is a requirement of truth in art. Truth without dissonance is ugly.

Someone else's pleasure is called kitsch here. Her own pleasure is dependent on dissonance - and she expects it from art. Such pleasure, for her, isn't kitsch.

She expects cleanliness from representations of Jedwabne and Auschwitz. That's my pleasure. The phenomenon itself, analyzed in depth, is dissonance at its best. The representation, if successful, is to add to it, not replace it.

It's much easier to say I never did a work on the Holocaust or brag about Betlejewski.

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