Agnes Janich Studio


Champel district, Genève, Switzerland / Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland


+41 79 555 02 11


Agnes' working languages are English, both New York City American English, Singapore Standard English and British South African English, as well as Polish, French of France (Français de France) and Swiss French (suisse romand).


She reads and understands most of spoken Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch), Dutch (Nederlands), Italian (italiano) and speaks and writes some South Korean (한국어, Hangul) and Japanese (日本語, Nihongo, both hiragana and katakana), as well as enough Hebrew (עִברִית) to sing at the temple.




All of the works on this site and in Agnes Janich's life are dedicated to the loving memory of her Grandpa, Jan Janich. Jan Janich, a brilliant Ambassador and entrepreneur, helped build the very young democracies of Israel and Singapore into the global superpowers they are today. Trading with China since 1957 and the Four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan) soon thereafter, he helped dismantle colonialism decades before his colleagues took to the task. He built bridges of friendship between nations, teaching Agnes before she could even walk that Buddhism and Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Taoism are all equal, and that Great Britian is just as meaningful as Burkina Faso and Belgium. He mentored his hundreds of employees at dozens of his companies' branches across four continents, impacting their families' lives for generations to come. A beloved ethical role model to many, he made Agnes Janich the person and artist that she is today.
Agnes' art and her life are also dedicated to her beloved Great-Grandmother, Helena Janich. Helena was a woman who lead her own company at the tender age of 18, in a Poland only recently freed from 123 years of oppression, and 100 years before women in the Swiss canton of Appenzell got the right to vote. She continued opening her own companies in Socialist Poland, when many believed that the state supposedly forbade it. At the same time, Helena was incredibly feminine, designing her own clothes and wearing high heels and long blonde hair well into her eighties. A woman of her own, every time her beloved son, Jan Janich, departed for decades-long diplomatic and trade missions to different continents, she repeated: "My son, I will never ask you to stay." Jan Janich repeated this to Agnes Janich, helping her become the artist with a presence on four continents that she is today.
Agnes will be overjoyed when they all meet again.