He Fucked Her Good

essay by Eli Okkenhaug,

in: Desire, Ed. Eli Okkenhaug,

Bergen Museum of Art,
Bergen, NO,

ISBN 978-82-91808-5

I Hate My Body When You're Gone

Creating oneself again. Identity change in contemporary artists` activities

Zuzanna Sokołowska

Amor Fati

March volume, 1 (7)/2017

ISSN: 2449 - 7819


Monographic essays




Monographic essays

Lyle Rexer,

in:Agnes Janich, Body Memory, 

MCCA Elektrownia, PL,

Fotohof Edition, AT,


ISBN 978-83-85901-91-4


Monographic essays

An Essay on Agnes Janich's Works about the War

Prof. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir


Monographic essays

Thyrza Nichols Goodeve, PhD, 

in:Agnes Janich, Body Memory, 

Fotohof Edition, Salzburg, AT 

& MCCA Elektrownia, Radom, PL

ISBN: 978-3-902675-80-4, 

ISBN 978-83-85901-91-4


Monographic essays

10 Thoughts on Agnes Janich’s Photographs,

Johan De Vos,


Belgium, Feb 18th, 2010

My Mom's Diary

Claudia M. Stemberger in: No more bad girls? 

(exhibition catalogue),

edited by Claudia M. Stemberger and Kathrin Becker,

Vienna, 2010,

pp. 7-15, p. 11-12.